Couchcon is about connection.

Couchcon is about connection.
2020 brings the coronavirus, with a wave of risk & convention cancellations. Artists need a safe replacement, and customers still want access to their favorite art & merchandise.
Couchcon is here to help.
Vivid founded Couchcon over a year ago, to deal with disruptions of another sort. While some try to divide people, we’re building a marketplace that connects you to the stuff you actually want.
Original content.
Beautiful art.
Interesting stories.
Fun games.
Don't get up- we're bringing it all to you.

Top 5 Reasons to
Jump on the Couch

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1. Attendance is free - Not everyone can afford travel and costly hotels, but now everyone can enjoy the convention experience with Couchcon.  We want to keep this experience free to facilitate connection between vendors, attendees, panelists, and gamers.  

2. Incredible panelists all week long - A carefully assembled panel schedule brings you the best.  From live tutorials on art, writing, comics, costuming, to interviews and roundtables.  From Marvel/DC industry pros to the most cutting edge voices in the indie market.  Watch and take notes, or participate and ask questions in the chat.  

3. Vendors from around the globe - COVID, travel costs, human factors- nothing can stop artists from connecting with you at Couchcon.  From around the globe they offer everything from commissions, to comics, to music, crafts, costumes and more.  Let your fingers do the walking, and you might just get a package on the porch delivering somthing spectacular that you never could have found anywhere else.

4. Opportunities to make new friends - Say hey to some fellow travellers in the Couchcon Discord Main Hall.  There are rooms for organizing attendee games and activities, even beyond the tournaments scheduled.  You might even run into someone that you plan to return with next year.

5. Game Tournaments and more - Cosplay is on the table with prizes in store- and that's on top of the Skirmish tabletop card game tournament, and Team IV-VI's Call of Duty tournament.   Couchcon will be mailing prizes to the champions that range from figurines to shirts to wallscrolls- so sign up for action, or cheer for your favorite team.